Writing Coach

Get the writing and the coaching in one complete package.

Service Description

As you can imagine, this service is exactly as it says. There are no gimmicks or tricks. You hire the writing coach to write for you. This done-for-you service puts a fully edited and proofed and ready-to-be printed manuscript in your hand. But no worries, you're not left alone with excellent writing. The coach comes alongside you to guide the process of using that manuscript to create the dream you've started with. Wouldn't it feel amazing to have the pressure off the ENTIRE process? If you're looking for total guidance, support, and excellent, profitable outcomes, then this is the service for you. You would hire the writing coach to Expand your outcome potential Bring you clarity and guidance Write and Coach to the finish line The process is simple and we would love to work with you. Book a free consultation to discuss your Writing Coach needs!