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Being single can be one of the best times of your life - or the worst torments. It often feels hard and unfair that seemingly everyone has their person - expect you.


Although this may or may not be true, perspective is the virtue of the single season. 


This power-packed ebook is going to help you navigate this season well. You don't have to hopelessly suffer through the holidays, or resentfully scroll through social media as all the happy couples splatter their love all over your timelines. This season of your life is just as special and beautiful too, but it requires you to see it.


In this book, I take on a conversational tone to walk you through practical tips for your single season. You will learn how to:


- Successfully date you

The Strength of the Season

- Dealing with 'Ol Negative Nancy

- Being a fool for a man

- What men think (Yes! I actually asked a few!)

- Waiting as a wife


This read finishes with an affirmation for your current single season and concludes with a wives decree for your future season.


Dig into this book to get affirmed, encouraged, and gain new strategies on how to navigate being single. 

Single Season: Dating the One Who Matters Most

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