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Updated: Feb 17

"In a few words...I'm not a woman of a few words."

My name is Jennifer Brianne Curtis and welcome to my blog!! In 2017, I began a blog where I wrote about all things girl, all things Jesus and everything in between. My life has since hit a 180! I was vibrant, single, and young in education. I was in a new city with new people excited about a fresh start. I’m now married with two children on the last round of my doctoral journey. I’ve since authored three books, with new releases coming soon, and started a podcast (click here to check it out). I’m excited to be in a newer place with my family doing what God has called me.

So who am I? I’m a wife, mommy, author, podcaster, and leader that’s determined to impact the lives of others through the written, spoken and orated word. It’s my personal mission that women know who their God is and that they do, be, and become all God has created for them. I love to write and I use the power of my pen and keyboard to communicate the goodness and wisdom of God happening in my world. So join me for the journey!

For those of you who have stayed for the ride, thank you!! For those of you who are new here, welcome!! Trust me, it’s going to be fun!!

“A girl should be two things - who and what she wants. - Coco Chanel”

There's a lot of fun facts I could list about me but that's boring. In a few words, I like a beautiful day outside, quiet time, and playing UNO with my family. Oh, and I never have only a few words (even if I only share a few, trust, there are MUCH more).

I'm here to talk about life, family, Jesus and every lesson in between. I look forward to speaking of God's goodness and using my words to help you find (or reach) a deeper freedom in Him.

- Always love and laughter, JB.

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I'm all about the written, spoken, and orated word. I'm interested in communicating freedom and using the power of words, voice, and language to change the trajectory of my world -

and yours.


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