Why you should follow this blog

I'm sure you're probably wondering 'What's the big deal here?' Well, let me tell you. This blog is everything you didn't know you needed. Keep reading and I'll tell you why.

No worries, I still love Jesus and talk a lot about Him, and that’s essentially what this blog is about. I love to write. I love good writing and I love sharing the lessons of the Lord that I gather on my journey with Him. It is my belief that wisdom is everywhere - calling to us - and we must tune in and listen.

And that's why you need this blog. I have lived the life and done The Word search for you. (From this point forward be warned that my puns are definitely intended and that was absolutely one). Not only have I lived and paid attention, I am still living and discovering some of my greatest lessons yet.

“And He said unto me, write: for these words are faithful and true.” - Revelation 21:5b

The bible says in all our getting to get an understanding (Proverbs 3:5) and that wisdom is the principal thing (Proverbs 4:7). We need wisdom. We are in a day in time where there is endless access to countless types of information. Almost anything you want to know can be found, searched, shared and studied. New skills, coaching programs, ideas, connections, how-to's, BUT without wisdom, knowledge is useless. It's only information.

There is another dimension of "knowing" that comes with knowledge - it's wisdom. Wisdom gives us the who, what, when, where, why, and how of what to do with knowledge. My dad told me years ago that wisdom is applied knowledge. That definition never left me.

I'm not saying this blog will tell you your life specifics (but who's to say the Lord won't use the words here to help you unlock your life? I believe He will - Do you?) .

You should follow this blog because you're after God. You have a deep desire to know Him more intimately and learn more about what He prizes for us to use here on earth (wisdom).