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Updated: Feb 27

"Pens to Prison serves those incarcerated by sharing the love of Christ through the written word."

What is it? Pens to Prison serves those incarcerated by sharing the love of Christ through the written word. Pens to Prison ministry was founded on the premise of providing life, hope, salvation, and prayers through letters to inmates.

In a nutshell, it’s a method God gave me to serve those who are incarcerated. Years ago, I wrote letters to my aunt who was incarcerated. We wrote back and forth her entire time in prison.

We have a phenomenal story and my book tells it in-depth (Go over to the shop and get it now!)

Though grateful for her release, I felt a little empty. My heart hurt for those that were still incarcerated. I realized first-hand what the power of a letter could do. This woman went from selling drugs to preaching to kids, and now as a free woman, works as an entrepreneur. Her business is designed to help other felons who cannot find work avoid probation violations by working for her.

With 6 million+ people in American prison systems, I knew I was incapable of corresponding with them all. However, I knew that if I packaged her story in a book, I could send that to the masses, and that’s exactly what I set out to do.

Our very first Holiday Blitz (October, 2019) pictured above

Each of us is more than the worst thing we've ever done.

It was harder than I thought it would be. I’ve learned a lot about prison systems and even more about people. However, I continued with the mission of my heart. To date, we have a community of writers who have committed to those we write. Each writer chooses a measure of correspondence and commits to writing their persons/people. We write men and women in multiple languages. If you want to join us, shoot me an email.

It’s a phenomenal ministry. We have monthly bible studies that are mailed to prisoners. We write over 30 people in multiple languages to prisons around the country. We have "Blitz" that are catered to different holidays and bible study topics. We enjoy Blitzing the prisons with overwhelming amounts of letters invading the prisons at all once. For this year's major events, see the event calendar below:

We are headed into our third year!! To God be the glory for the power of the written word and a letter. If you have any additional questions about Pens to Prison, or how to get involved, message me and I will clarify.

- Love and Laughter, JB.

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