Jennifer Brianne

My personal story

Life, faith, and family 

I love the written, spoken, and communicated word. I love everything about communicating from sending and receiving messages to the eyes and ears of diverse listeners, studying the impact of different channels, to crafting creation with words. I have always been a person of vision, but as my son says, my greatest superpower is using words to create vision in the minds of others.

I'm all about the written, spoken, and orated word. I'm interested in communicating freedom and using the power of words, voice, and language to change the trajectory of my world -

and yours.

My educational background reflects this interest. I have a Bachelor's in Public Communication and a Masters in Communication Studies. I've spent many years studying communication and relationships. I have continued my understanding of communication by integrating systems and systems thinking in my knowledge base. My doctorate in Instructional Design is currently underway.​ 

I offer various writing services; hire me as a writer, hire me as a coach, and/or hire me as a designer.* (Message me for more information).

Additionally, I am an author, blogger, and podcast producer and host. Wise Women is the name of my podcast and I've authored three books with new releases coming soon (shop and  subscribe!). My blog is about life, family, and faith centered around my love for God and the wisdom found in doing life God's way. In 2019 I founded Pens to Prison ministry that shares life, hope, salvation, and prayers through correspondence to those incarcerated. It remains to serve those most often forgotten.

The greatest and newest roles in my life are family. I am a wife and a mother. We are a small family with big hearts and lots of love and laughter. We love UNO and our outside time along with family night games, movies, and treats (read more about my family in my blog).

I am a woman of faith. A woman of love and lover of freedom.

Let's connect! I would love to learn more about you!!