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Write with Jenn


Are you looking for a writer?

Are you looking for a seamless process to get your vision to the world? Do you need to save time, money, and headaches? Do you want to get that burning vision out of your heart and into the hands of those it belongs to?


I know you may not know where to start, but it’s my job to help you get to the finish line and beyond. Let’s work as a team to bring this vision to life one pen and one word at a time.


I have helped countless business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, pastors, non-profit organizers, students, and many more to write the vision from their heads and hearts into the world.

Hi, I'm Jennifer Brianne

It's Nice to Meet You

Jennifer Brianne is an international author, speaker, and podcast host. As a native of Jonesboro, Arkansas she reaches international audiences on a weekly basis with her encouraging, engaging, and empowering content. 

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I want to help you change the narrative

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Ghostwriting Client, 2022

I'm so thankful and appreciative of the service provided by Jennifer. I trusted her with my dream project and I'm so glad I did because now it's my reality. I'm so proud of the outcome of my project with her. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and carries so much wisdom. Her personality and attentiveness made it extremely easy and comfortable for me to discuss my vision with her. I will not hesitate to use Jennifer's service again, nor will I hesitate to recommend her service to anyone who is seeking to accomplish something great. God has blessed her writing hand. 

Working with me will ensure you receive:

I want  to work with you

There is an audience of people who are waiting on you to release their solutions. Your story is powerful, impactful, and transformative to the lives of people you haven't met yet - and they deserve to read your words to access their freedom.  They are waiting on you, and so am I. 

Let's put the work in.


Don't keep your ideas in your head or on your notebook. By working with me, we position your words, format your book, and send you to serve those who need your words the most. You retain 100% copyright of your work.

This done-for-you service delivers your manuscript directly to you. Here, you work with the writer to;


Define the vision

Set the timeline

Pen your vision 

Book Coaching

Stop settling for unfilled dreams, missed opportunities, and uncertainty about your next steps.

Maybe you've already written your book, but you don't know what to do next. Are you stuck at one or more points in the process and that's keeping you from the finish line? Let's work together to get you to the finish line and beyond. Hire The Coach to:

Assess your needs

Hold you Accountable

Guide the Process

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